LED Decopanel

Our patented LGP technology enables us to produce LED Decopanels of TLT that can distribute the light which comes through the light spreading material, homogenously on the surface.

On the contrary of the conventional method (which is enlightening from the back), TLT Decopanels are based on the principal of enlightening from the edge.

The highlight of TLT LED Decopanels is they can be produced all the sizes in the range of 120cm*240 cm with our patented LGP technology.

TLT Decopanels can be designed in any shapes beside our regular elliptical, round, square and rectangular shapes. We have patterns which are prepared in accordance with the professional lighting. Also we can apply project-based customized patterns.

TLT Decopanels bring the esthetics and the LED technology together, also they offer designers lots of alternatives about sizes, shapes and patterns. Because of all these features TLT Decopanels gain a place in many of prestigious projects (like office projects, mall projects, housing projects…).