LED Menu Board

Our patented LGP technology enables us to produce LED Menu Boards of TLT that can distribute the light which comes through the light spreading material, homogenously on the surface.

 On the contrary of the conventional method (which is enlightening from the back), TLT LED Menu Boards are based on the principal of enlightening from the edge.

The highlight of TLT LED Menu Boards is they can be produced all the sizes in the range of 120cm*240 cm with our patented LGP technology.

TLT LED Menu Boards consume less energy (about 70%) than conventional menu boards. Also by using the LGP technology, these edge-lightened TLT LED Menu Boards are minimized the thickness of the board (total thickness is 2,5 cm);so without spoiling the design, TLT LED Menu Boards provide an esthetic appearance.

TLT LED Menu Boards are preferred by restaurants and fast food chains (like “Köfteci Ramiz”, “Tavuk Dünyası”) because of their esthetics, energy saving and long lasting features.

Technical Data

Dimension (mm)Özel
Weight (kg)Özel
Light SourceSMD LED
Power Consumption (watt)Özel
Input Voltage (V-AC)220-240 V AC 50-60hz
Power Supply Voltage (V-DC)24 VDC - PHILIPS
Efficiency (lm/W)Özel
Color Temperature(Kelvin)3000K, 4000K, 6500K
Lifetime (hour)50.000
Luminous Flux (lm)Özel
Color Rendering Index (CRI)80
Warranty (Year)2

Application Examples