LED Floorlamp Rectangle

LED lampshades and LED floor lamps are lighting products used to illuminate indoor spaces and create a decorative atmosphere.

LED Lampshade: These lighting fixtures serve both as decorative lamps that add an aesthetic touch to indoor spaces and as functional light sources. They utilize LED technology for energy efficiency. Typically used in places like living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways, they come with various design and color options for their covers. They often feature touch controls or remote controls for adjusting the lighting intensity. Some models can also offer decorative patterns or color-changing features.

LED Floor Lamp : LED floor lamps are lighting fixtures that stand on the floor or on a high base. They are commonly used in living rooms and bedrooms to provide general illumination and can also create reading or work areas. Equipped with energy-efficient LED bulbs, they have a long lifespan. These lamps often offer dimming features for adjusting the lighting intensity and come in various design options to enhance the aesthetics of the space.

Both of these products play a significant role in illuminating indoor spaces and contributing to the decoration, allowing you to shape the atmosphere of the room as desired.

Technical Data

Dimension (mm)175x175x1080
Weight (kg)8
Light SourceSMD LED
Power Consumption (watt)36
Input Voltage (V-AC)220-240 V AC 50-60hz
Power Supply Voltage (V-DC)24 VDC - PHILIPS
Efficiency (lm/W)80
Color Temperature(Kelvin)3000K, 4000K, 6500K
Lifetime (hour)50.000
Luminous Flux (lm)2.600
Color Rendering Index (CRI)80
Warranty (Year)2

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