LED Panel Frameless

Now, LED panels are much more practical and aesthetic without the frames.

LED panels with frames have some applicational and integrational difficulties. Frameless ones are the solution for those kinds of problems.

This new system presents lots of designing options especially in interior applications like shops, houses, offices…etc. 

The frameless LED panels are mostly used with furnitures, indoor – shelf applications.

So let these frameless LED panels widen your horizon with a little help from your imagination.

Technical Data

Dimension (mm)300x300x18
Weight (kg)2
Light SourceOSRAM LED
Power Consumption (watt)30
Input Voltage (V-AC)220-240 V AC 50-60hz
Power Supply Voltage (V-DC)24 VDC - PHILIPS
Efficiency (lm/W)92 lm/w
Color Temperature(Kelvin)3000K, 4000K, 6500K
Lifetime (hour)50.000
Luminous Flux (lm)2.750
Color Rendering Index (CRI)84
Warranty (Year)3

Application Examples


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