Residential LED Lighting Trends for 2023

When it comes to revamping a room or home, it’s easy to focus on the big things and leave the small stuff for a later date. While many start by concentrating on furniture placement and wall decorations, residential lighting designs should be the first on anyone’s mind. Expertly placed lighting adds dimension, and beautiful fixtures accentuate it. Understanding and following new lighting trends can help highlight the depth of the coziest spots of a room, bring attention to the most impressive areas and change the atmosphere entirely. Explore our favorite residential LED lighting trends for 2023 and make your room atmospherically unforgettable.

Trend 1. Streamlined Lighting Design

Simplicity and minimalism in design have been growing trends in recent years – and they’re only going to continue to gain prominence. Current lighting trends point to the simplicity of residential lighting designs to create a sleek and modern environment. Residential lighting fixtures, such as chandeliers and track lighting, benefit from toning down over extravagant design and using basic, primary colors. Paired with the design of a room, these minimalistic fixtures in shades of black, white or gray can draw the eyes to the parts of a space that hold the most color and interest. LED lighting trends have allowed for a wide range of color temperatures that further enhance a room and bring the atmosphere of your choice. Simple LED bulbs paired with simplistic fixtures can emphasize a clean, white space with a crystal glow or bring a sense of comfort to an area with a pleasant warmth. Ultimately, this lighting trend should be based on your personal preference and your interior design – but remember, think simple.

Trend 2. Wall Lighting for Ambiance

Wall lights have been a part of current LED lighting market trends and have become ideal for creating soft, diffused light that can accentuate the residential lighting design of transitional rooms, such as bedrooms, studies and living rooms. Wall sconces are the most common type of wall lighting and can create a relaxing atmosphere of soft light that doesn’t overly illuminate a room. In addition, current lighting trends show that a good interior design trick is to use your wall lighting to purposefully illuminate specific areas of a room or wall decorations. Our eyes may be drawn to a lovely chandelier hanging over a table, but a tastefully placed wall sconce casting light over a painting, mirror or bedside table can dramatically add to the quality of the light and the depth of a room.

Trend 3. Hidden Lighting for Depth

One of the most interesting current lighting trends is utilizing hidden light sources to accentuate specific parts of a room that may appear drab. Hidden lighting gives the illusion of streams of light emitting from surfaces seemingly from nowhere, adding a new level of texture and beauty to the room that is impossible to achieve in any other way. Hidden LED lighting industry trends have continued to innovate and allow designers to find new possibilities for their residential lighting designs. The rise of these lighting trends has allowed hidden lighting to become more functional – giving designers a chance to truly merge their lighting systems with the architecture of specific rooms.

Trend 4. Smart Lighting for Versatility

LED lighting market trends are continuing to innovate and expand upon smart lighting technology. Using a smart LED bulb, you can easily create different lighting scenarios over a wireless network from a mobile phone. Current trends in lighting seem to be headed in the same direction as most of the modern world – smart objects are popping up all over the home. Your lighting should be no different, and in fact, lighting is one of the most innovative uses of this smart technology. With smart LED bulbs, you’ll be able to easily adjust the color, color temperature, brightness and intensity of one or all your bulbs from anywhere in your home. There’s no limit to the different color combinations you can create with smart lighting. Create your perfect party mood lighting, a color combination perfect for reading, intimate ambiance for a romantic evening and more.

Trend 5. Environmental Friendliness in Lighting

Environmental friendliness is one trend that will never go out of style. Reducing the carbon footprint is a responsibility everyone in the world shares. Using LED bulbs rather than traditional fluorescent or incandescent bulbs is a simple step in the right direction. LED lights are up to 80% more efficient than other types of lighting, and 95% of the energy they produce is converted to light as opposed to the 5% of light fluorescent and incandescent bulbs produce. LED lighting market trends have focused on drawing less power to create more light and have eliminated the need for toxic chemicals like mercury in their structure, which is harmful to the environment. This is arguably one of the most important trends in lighting to focus on this year. Help the environment and provide quality lighting.